Start your mornings off right: with a shot of NingXia Red!

On this lovely Thirsty Thursday morning,
we wanted to tell you a little about how we start our day.

NingXia Selfie

NingXia Red is a tart, fruity drink that is SUPER high in antioxidants. I know everyone knows the term, but what’s the big deal about them? Antioxidants are basically superhero crime fighters that can neutralize free radicals (AKA villains on the atomic level). If left alone free radicals wreak havoc on your body, one intercellular structure at a time.

Now this might sound a little over-exaggerated. Is there really a Marvel movie going on at the microscopic level? Well, yes. Maybe less tight-fitting costumes, but if your cells were to have an arch-nemesis it would probably be free radicals.

There are so many other benefits to this red concoction, but we’ll leave the rest for other posts. For now, just enjoy a daily shot (2 ounces). I (Chesla) had mine in a Balance Complete shake this morning. Jessica is all about the packets to take on the go!

Posted by Alana Bookhout on the Picture Me Oily Fb group