Pasta Salad: Healthy recipe using essential oils and ancient wheat.


This was a recipe we got to sample at convention this year!

I was skeptical, for multiple reasons:
I don’t like black pepper (ground)
I hadn’t tried Einkorn pasta, but knew I didn’t like whole wheat pasta
I hadn’t tried JuvaSpice
And I don’t normally like fancy pasta salads (non-mayonnaise based)

But…..I tried a little sample. And I really liked it, against many odds!!



Workout Wednesday – YOGA!!! (Y’all knew this was coming)

I have been REALLY practicing yoga for about 5 months now. Let me tell you- yoga is much more than just a form of physical exercise! Yoga is a practice that focuses on the well-being of the entire body, mind, and spirit. The bending, stretching, and strength exercises (or asanas) are just one of many interrelated practices that connect and align all aspects of the yogi into a state of complete balance. (Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to yoke, or join together.) Other aspects of this “yoking” process include breathing, withdrawing the focus from the outward to the inward, meditation, and purification.

Like yoga, essential oils support the well-being of body, mind, and spirit. This is achieved through the application and diffusion of pure plant essential oils that influence physical wellness, a positive emotional state, and mental clarity.

Soooo naturally I had to combine the two. Makes sense, right? If you are passionate about things combine them and.. WOW, what an experience! Combining essential oils with yoga powerfully enhanced my yoga journey. My favorite oils to diffuse during my practice are frankincense and Believe. To all my Yogis out there- diffuse some essential oils! You will LOVE it!!

– Jessica

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Thirsty Thursday: Cool off with a glass of Lavender Lemonade!

Summer is here to stay in the Lone Star state. Lemonade is a Southern staple, maybe second after sweet tea.

If you want to add a refreshing twist to your lemonade, add one drop of lavender EO to your pitcher!
NOT 1 drop per glass, a little goes a LONG way!

Lavender Lemonade with Young Living lavender essential oil

If you can’t get enough friends together to drink a whole pitcher, there is a way to add a touch of lavender to a single glass! Touch the end of a clean toothpick to the tip of the oil bottle. This allows you to get less than a drop. Then just swirl the toothpick in your glass!

Also if you’re feeling lazy, we’ve cheated and added a drop to a bottle of Simply Lemonade. It was delicious, but a little overpowering! If you’re going that route, a whole drop is still a little much in a bottle that size. Try the toothpick method until you reach your desired amount of lavender.


Who thought driving from Houston to Salt Lake City was a good idea?

This past week Chesla, Randy, and I (Jessica) attended the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. WE (collectively) decided it would be a GREAT idea to drive. 24 hours, one way, cramped as comfortable as possible in a Ford Fusion – our team building and money saving possibilities obviously out weighed any cons of being in a car for four days. It’s Saturday and we are headed back home, wishing we could just Harry Potter ourselves back with a port key. Picture proof:20140628-153200-55920015.jpg
I could write a book, but for my sanity your sake, I won’t. Here are a couple of highlights in snapshots. Pictures are known to say more than words can anyway. 20140628-164144-60104690.jpg 20140628-164336-60216506.jpg20140628-164336-60216746.jpg20140628-165220-60740254.jpg20140628-165220-60740090.jpg **I need to post TRAIN videos, unfortunately I cannot do so from a cellular device- I will update when I get to a computer. TRAIN WAS AMAZING!**

Although our bums are numb and our backs now crooked, we gained an ABUNDANCE of knowledge, harnessed our HIGHER POTENTIAL, and had a blast through it all. We want to bring a little bit of Salt Lake City back home and share with our family and friends in two mini conventions(2-3 hours): one in the Cypress area and one in the College Station area. Topics we wish to cover in our mini conventions (date/time: TBD) include:

New products (helping PTSD & Autism)
Essential oil safety
Everyday & Everyway
Oily pets
Mommy and me
Fitness with young living
Toxin free home
Men’s health
Power of Oola
Socially savvy

They say attending convention takes three years off of your learning curve. Good news is that the 2015 convention will be at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX (close to home!) We would love to have a huge party of our own at convention next year! Let us know if you are interested in coming!!20140628-161131-58291308.jpg20140628-165439-60879790.jpg