Mommy&Me Monday

Mommy&Me Monday: Pregnant? Is your doctor forgetting to mention something to you?

Okay before we get started, go read this article from the Boston Globe.

“Why doctors don’t talk to pregnant women about toxic chemicals”

Go ahead, I’ll wait…..

Alright, now it talks about a survey taken by ACOG- this is the leading organization of ALL OB/GYNs. This is a big deal, it’s not a survey of some hippie magazine where randos are responding as “doctors.” This survey cites that out of the 2,500 physician members of ACOG who responded, 80% agree that having a discussion with mothers would have an impact on lowering exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins. But less than 20% do.


Why? Because they don’t feel like they have adequate knowledge on the subject to talk about it. So they just don’t mention it.

Um….what? And these vague “dangerous chemicals” are not jet fuel or biohazardous waste, but are found in everyday products like certain PLASTICS and PESTICIDES.

If you deliberately disobeyed me and skipped reading the aforementioned article, scroll back up and do it now. This is a pretty big deal, at least in my world.

I’m not planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon, but I feel like limiting my daily exposure to harsh chemicals is kind of already a big deal to me.

I always had headaches growing up. Almost daily, but that was “normal” for me so I didn’t think much of it. Everybody get headaches, right? Well over the past 3 or so years, I’ve really changed my daily routine trying to lean towards “healthier” beauty/hygiene and cleaning products. Now I may still get headaches, but more like one every 1-3 months. And I can tell that they are triggered from artificial fragrances/chemicals: perfume, candle stores, mosquito repellant, PineSol and other cleaning products. Since I have phased those things out of my daily life, I only experience headaches when I’m around them in public.

That’s one of the benefits I’ve found, and even if that was the only thing it would so be worth it.


Don’t get me wrong, I think you should do LOTS of research! But look at your current situation first to researach what you’re putting on, in, and around your body. Then learn the do’s and don’t’s, safety and precautions, and suggested uses for EOs.
I promise you two things:
1) you’ll be amazed at how many synthetic/harsh chemicals you come in contact with and willingly purchase!
2) there are safer, affordable, healthier, and more pleasant smelling options that truly work!



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