Mommy&Me Monday

Mommy&Me Monday – DIY baby wipes

I had a lovely Sunday lunch with my parents and an old friend who is a new mom (and her little one of course). We wanted to meet up so I could tell her all about how oils could be used with babies, and naturally, her princess took the limelight instead. Baby (I’m going dirty dancing on you here) was freaking adorable and my parents absolutely enjoyed playing grandparents over the extended lunch- everyone was happy… Until baby decided to lose her lunch on my chest. Off topic.

Anyways, during the conversation baby decides to throw her toy, that she loves to chew on, to the ground. We have all seen this: baby toy hits the ground and either a) mom totally freaks out and cleans entire floor area, including the toy, clothes baby is wearing, chair baby is sitting in etc., b) mom doesn’t do a thing and gives toy back to baby- your building their immune system right mom? Or c) gently cleans off toy with baby wipe and hands back to baby- just another day of being a mom. This happens numerous times and then out of the blue play date grandma, my mom, informs us that she used baby wipes to remove stains in the carpet when we were younger…

Wait. WHAT?? Yep. Baby wipes as a stain remover- you know, Resolve, Shout, Clorox, etc. I am silently FREAKING OUT. You used it on my bum mum! And on my hands and toys!While I am alive and well 20 somewhat years later, baby wipes have been known to cause skin irritations, check out for different products, their ingredients, and ingredient concerns. FYI I love my mum, mom, momma, mummy, mother, mom, mom. 🙂

So I bring to you a non-toxic solution: homemade babywipes! This easy recipe is great for on the go and can be used in any empty baby wipes container.

What you need:
1 roll unbleached paper towels
2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons coconut oil
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops melaleuca essential oil
1 airtight container

1- cut the paper towel roll in half using a serrated knife. Use one half of the roll now and one half later.
2- combine water, coconut oil, and oils in a small bowl
3- put 1/2 paper towel roll into container
4- pour the mixture over the paper towels, cover with lid, let mixture absorb for ten minutes.
5- turn container over and let sit for another ten minutes.
6- remove cardboard center so you can pull wipes from the center when you are ready to use.
7- for to go wipes, place 15-20 wipes into a travel size wipe container.

The lavender oil is soothing, refreshing, and helps cleanse the area where the wipe is used. The melaleuca oil helps sport the immune system and is beneficial for the skin.


I recommend the book Gentle Babies– it tells exactly how to use the oils for pregnancy, childbirth, on infants, and on young children.


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